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Thread: Kazaa sues entertainment firms

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    Kazaa sues entertainment firms

    Judge throws out Internet copyright suit


    Los Angeles — The distributor of the Kazaa software for sharing songs, movies and other files on-line cannot pursue an antitrust lawsuit against major recording labels and movie studios, a U.S. federal judge has ruled.

    Sharman Networks made the antitrust claims in January as part of its defence of a copyright-infringement suit filed by the entertainment firms.

    Sharman argued that music labels and studios conspired to keep authorized and copy-protected versions of their songs and movies off Kazaa. It essentially blamed piracy on the entertainment companies, saying they failed to work with Sharman to create a legal alternative.

    U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson dismissed Sharman's claims, which many copyright lawyers had considered a stretch. AP


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    shouldnt this be in the Tech Humor Forum ....

    ROFLMAO - exactly my opinion

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