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Thread: Packages May Soon Send Data on Consumers

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    Packages May Soon Send Data on Consumers

    Within two decades, the minuscule transmitters are expected to replace the familiar product bar codes, and retailers are already envisioning the conveniences the new technology, called "radio frequency identification," will bring — even as others are raising privacy concerns.
    Full Story : http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...amed_bar_codes

    "Any technology can be abused and we've got to be prepared, be watchful for the abuse,"
    exactly the point i mean we dont know who can track us with these chips ...it could be some store clerk cereal-killer maniac .... but i like the idea that we should be able to disable the chips if we wanted to when we leave the store ....

    mann too much new technology is coming out i cant keep up with it ...i feel like how my parents feel right now with the computer ....

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    Hey, they could put little tracking chips in the collar of your shirt,
    and they could keep track of what bars you drink at "to better
    serve you with targeted advertising". The shirt could then be given away
    for nothing. They could call it ...he he:

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    Lets not over react on this one guys. The chips have a very short range (a mater of feet) and because they are not self powered have to be very simple...basicly they contain a bar code/id number thats it...not a privacy concearn. But this tech is also used in those neat ID badges that get you into your office with out haveing to swipe..unfortuinitly they are asecurity concearn. These chips are very dumb and will respond to anything that powers them, so someone could walk by you with a transmitter in their breif case and get the passcode to break into your company.

    this site explains it in depth. http://www.doxpara.com/read.php/security/rfid.html
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    when you consider that this information WILL be incorporated into the TIA system it really dosnt seem to be a very good idea. not that those that govern us have bad intentions but there will be, somewhere down the road, those that do. someone will find a way to gain power/wealth from this at our expense.

    one might say: "but look what this technology can do for us!" yeah you could just push your shopping cart right threw a scanner and have it all priced in one shot. then trudge down to a bagging area and bag it your self or they might have someone there to bag it for you. but at least youd be spared the hassle that comes when items are rung up individually and you notice the advertised sale price isn't what your being charged. what a load off my mind that would be. this is technology for technologies sake not an advancement unless your into total control.
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