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Thread: Why??

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    Question Why??

    Hi everyone,

    I wish to put up a general question,

    "Why how to hack quesions are banned from forums like these"

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    Simple, this is a security site, not a hacking site. Ask us how to secure a device and your going to get an answer, ask us how to hack a device and your going to get banned.

    It's just that simple.


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    If I'm correct on this, the reason that "How to Hack questions are banned" is because this site is about security. The people here can help you to secure anything. THerefore if we tell you how to hack into something it defeats the purpose of this site.

    Now you might come back saying, "but I want to know how they do it, so I can defend myself against the hacker." The answer to that though is a wonderful book called Hacking Exposed. You can get it here. http://www.hackingexposed.com/ . If you read the forums enough around here, you will learn a lot towards securing your System, and some of the known vulnerabilities.

    [edit]guess I posted to late before somebody else got this one[/edit]

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    [QUOTE] Originally posted here by DjM
    Simple, this is a security site, not a hacking site. It's just that simple

    [QUOTE] Originally posted here by cheyenne1212
    this site is about security

    I totally agree with both of the above,but I would add the following comment's

    For the so called " hacking" question's posted on this site, there are numerous sites out there to cater for these type's of question's

    A lot of people on this site are serious about what they do, and how they can help others, and really don't have the time to be bothered with stupidity(by that I do not include anyone who is a novice, hobbyisy, student or anyone with a genuine interest in computers/ computing in general,and wishing to learn more) AO members are more than willing to help

    I feel that hacking is a skill, art, call it what you like, and takes computer knowledge, and a skill level that takes time to learn and develop covering many aspects of computing, and not everybody has that capability

    Just as an afterthought, at the rate of change in the various technologies, processors, O /S, hardware and networking, and trying to keep updated, I'm surprised anyone has any time for "hacking"
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    If a person knows how to hack, he can also secure it.

    then isn't this "security through obscurity"

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    Ah but what are the odds that someone who asks "how can I hack MSN so I can see what my g/f is doing" is going to do something unethical? One can learn security but it depends on the direction that a person wants to take and that depends on how they ask the question.

    If I'm going to learn about securing a system (and you never stop learning), I'm going to have a small network at home of "crap" machines that I abuse. I will find everything I can about the vulnerabilities I hear about not by asking someone how to tell me to find it but by using the best computer I have -- my brain. I fire up google and start by entering the information about the vulnerabilty and see what pops out. Then if something puzzles me I will explain that I'm working on my lab and trying something. e.g., X happens but not Y as was fortold in an advisory.

    Hacking is not about breaking into a system. It's about understanding how systems and networks work. There is a ethos that is part of this, IMHO. If this is not part of a person, others will pick it up. I can -- and have -- joined mailing lists that keep me informed about various vulnerabilities and such. So it's not "security through obscurity". It's called "learning how to learn".
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    Ms Mittens I have to aggree but at the same time sometimes the mere word hack is brought to get a person flamed I have seen threads where the person had a good reason for asking something and it was on there own setup. NO details on that one but I personally believe that when ever someone says that word they get Negged which sucks but comes with the territory I will say that when ever I have something to really post about computers in the hacking department I have never posted them here. I would say that if you want to learn go to www.hackers.com or www.hackerslab.org there are plenty of people that will help you in both places you might even see me there but hold your questions on insecurity to those places it's kinda like you wouldn't have sex in your mom's house, but you would have sex. Something's you just don't do in certain places this happens to be one of those instances.


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