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    Politically (in)correct Google

    I'm not bothering checking to see if someone has already posted this so just let me know and I'll remove if you've seen it before.

    Go to www.google.com and type in the words "weapons of mass destruction" (no quotes) and click "I'm feeling lucky".

    Nice error message, eh?

    I thought it was quite humorous.
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    Re: Politically (in)correct Google

    Originally posted here by KorpDeath

    Nice error message, eh?
    I don't know if it has been posted before, but who cares, I haven't seen it and it's great. I just love those 404's. There is quite a lot of really funny ones around at the moment

    Thank's for that one
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    Yeah it was posted in Tech Humour. Its wuite funny, google has a few of these humourous results Im sure there is one about Microsoft.

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    BTW, if you were really looking for a whole phrase like "weapons of mass destruction"
    you would go to Google Advanced Search and enter it in to the field that says "with the exact phrase"

    in case some were unaware.
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