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Thread: Neophyte web backup. Help needed.

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    Unhappy Neophyte web backup. Help needed.

    I have become the defacto web admin at work recently & need to copy my entire web page (internal site) to a box for backup purposes. The regular admins are reloading the IIS server & are going to rename it, so I need to have it stored on a local machine as a web to modify before I re-upload it. I tried to run the backups reccomended by MS, but the previous web admins stored the entire web all over the machine. I canb't just back it up. Basicly I need a way to hack my own web to steal all of the pages to another machine as easily as possible.

    Any suggestions or hints would be helpful.



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    Go to IIS server.

    Set in front of screen.

    Copy your web files with MS backup methods.

    Smile because MS backup for IIS does work.

    If not post WHY said method didn't work, and HOW you performed said method, here is even some help:


    That was from a google search on "Backing up IIS." There is no need to hack anything.
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    I wish that would work...
    The people who put this together didn't plan. the inetpub is on the D: & I have it backed up. The problem is that the web folders are stored on a software stripe. All of them were stored individually.
    the real question is ( I guess) is there a utility that I can use to pull down all of the pages to another machine & store them? I can edit them later with Front Page for republishing.
    I just needed to get them down easily.

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    You could try webstripper

    If you really wanna "hack" your site so to speak. This little tool is pretty powerful, should do the trick nicely
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    Will do the trick... well, kinda. It follows links and copys all the links. You will not get it ALL unfortunately... and it adds an annoying comment to the top and bottom of each page copied... (only viewable via souce, not via browser)


    is another one

    Why not just rebuild the server? Find all the files that you need and rebuild the server so you can back it up more easily... Shouldn't take too long... just have a different server (if possible) that you are reconfiguring and then swap em.

    I'm not too good with web servers... but couldn't you also setup all the directories like you want and then reconfig IIS to use those folders? I've never used IIS... so I'm not sure with this.
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