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Thread: One of the funniest threads I have ever seen

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    One of the funniest threads I have ever seen

    Ok some people have complained that the quality of posts here at AO is slipping but after stumbling across this post on a gaming forum talking about hacking (wait till you read the bit about how the guy hacked into the fbi thro deep-freeze on his school comp - cracked me up)
    you just gotta read it to believe it -> http://www.battleforums.com/showthre...?threadid=8003


    I had to go sign up for that site just to reply - omg what a load of complete skiddiots >_<;

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    LOL, Deepfreeze??? OMG! LOL! Yeah, lets take out OC9's and massive servers with Deepfreeze!!! Man, I'm gonna download it right away!!! Me soooo uber haxor! Mmmmm, what a wonderful idea??? Who is with me??? Come on, if we do it right, we won't get caught right?

    OMFG. ROFL. yup, well, another proof that if aliens invaded, they would have a hard time actually finding an 'Intelligent Species'. (Unless they come to us! :P) lol, omg, like it doesn't have security that rivals any Microsoft 'secured' corp. (or gov. for that matter) and sofisticated IDS tools and full time admins.

    omg, this made my day, thanks for the many many laughs. (And I bet he was planning to use Windows 95a as well? LOL, NO! Windoze 3.11!!!! Thats soooooo uber!) lol,


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    Re: One of the funniest threads I have ever seen

    Originally posted here by valhallen

    I had to go sign up for that site just to reply

    What a hoot. I don't know what was the funniest, the crazies, or the fact you signed up just to reply. I'm going to save up the fare, get the guy over here and he can finish my degree for me, and then he can sort out all the government computer system's that need fixing, should'nt take him long with his expertise

    Thanks for the laugh v_Ln
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    And this people is why condoms were invented.

    Save the real hackers a head ache, beat your lamer children.
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    Did you notice the buttons llike "profile" and more.....all the same as on AO just different color
    .....And what i think about the "Stringcheese5436" is that he must be a 10 year old kid or something lol.....hacking bnet hahaha....keep on dreamin....no one is that stupid

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    <SARCASM>OMG THATS AWSOME. dude where can i get deepfreeze. I wanna hack into the fbi.</SARCASM> to bad they closed the thread before i got a chance to reply. Damnit. i needed that valhallen beofre a ****ed up day at work. It almost makes me forget about the B.S. that i am going to have to put up with.

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