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Thread: How color in mail box obtained?

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    Question How color in mail box obtained?

    hi guys ,

    Any one knows how to write code or what is the idea behind
    getting a color or picture in mail box, before a mail is opened.
    For ex : In hotmail when a message is received an envelope picture is shown towards the lefthand side (before the mail is opened).And in yahoo, the forwarded symbol or picture is shown in the left hand side. If anyone knows how to do this or has any idea abt this , pls tell me.

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    I'm sorry, I don't understand just what you are asking.
    Do you wish to add to yahoo or hotmail, or are you attempting to build your own mail program?
    The un-opened mail icon in hotmail and/or yahoo is a built in part of their individual programs, and can not be changed or modified by the user. If you are attempting to build a program of your own, for your computer, then you will need to study one or more programing languages and as you become familiar with them, it will be clear how to program your own icons into the program.
    Search the tutorials here on 'AO' and you will find more than enough information to get you started.
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