It seems that the RIAA is getting a taste of its own medicine ....a new anti-trust suit for them to have to deal with filed by a rather large association of webcasters known as "The Webcasters Alliance". Also of interest are some comments made by an RIAA attorney....

A comment by the RIAA attorney Gary Greenstein at a recent meeting with the Webcaster Alliance - representing a range of netcasters, including the smaller 'casters and nonprofits - puts AOL's strategy into perspective. The meeting took place at the RIAA's office on January 29.

According to two people present at the meeting, Greenstein explained that the RIAA didn't care if 25,000 webcasters in the US went out of business because AOL streams 200 channels of music, and the streaming media listener would then have to get their music from AOL. And AOL pays its bill to the RIAA.

We were unable to contact Greenstein to discuss this chilling remark, which David LeGrand, Webcaster Alliance attorney, confirmed for us. We spoke to Ed Hahn, assistant to RIAA attorney Steven Marks, who was also at the meeting, and Hahn felt unable to comment. We'll bring you Marks' response as soon as we hear it.
So here we have the RIAA using an 800 pound gorilla (AOL/Time Warner) to crush the competition....competition that wants to be able to provide music at a FAIR rate, and one of their attorneys actually ADMITTING it....but WE'RE the bad guys....all of us nasty pirates using P2P or listening to or some of the other "little guys" webcasting efforts. What a bunch of monopolistic b*****ds.

/me gives the RIAA a one-fingered salute......You ain't taking my freedom of choice, so deal with it. Now get your *** in the tar-pit with the rest of the dinosaurs.