I have had a lot of people ask this in the last few weeks for some odd reason, so i decided to share what i know with the rest of you. (me know something theres a first)

Anyways, here lately a lot of people have been asking in different message boards on how to download movies from mms servers. The answer to most of these posts are "you can't". Well I have never liked being told that, So just for my sake of mind I went up on the net, and using the worlds greatest toy, (google) I looked it up. And sure enough, there it was.

For windows users, you can use the free program Net Transport.

For Linux users, you can use mms_client which is available from rpmseek.com

Both are free, and real easy to use.

There should be any reason anyone should ever ask how either program works.

The tricky part though is getting the links, a lot of sites carble the links up in php or javascripts... so it might take a bit, but if you want it bad enough you'll try hard.

But by no means am I saying goto websites and steal movies, i'm only saying its possible.