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Thread: Technical Support Help!

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    Technical Support Help!

    I just got hired as a "Customer Service and Technical Support rep," for this computer company. This place is state-of-the-art. We help customers with computer promblems by providing Customer Service, Technical Support, and Sales support via inbound phone, email, and click-to-chat. We cover everything from programming, building databases, software, hardware, operating systems, etc... I will be providing assistance with the Windows operating systems 98/ME/XP. Now I'm not new to computer systems or anything like that, but this is my first real experience "in the field". So I would like to know what to expect, but I also want to do an excellent job. Does anyone have any advice? Tips? I searched google for links to websites, and tutorials but all I found was pay $$$$ to learn technical support. All help is appreciated. Thank you, ComputerNerd22

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    Congratulations on your new job, and I wish you every success. I am sure that there will be plenty of good advice from experienced professionals heading your way shortly. As a mature student I cannot offer you any advice on work experience in this area , as I dont have any, but having been a field salesman for many years I can give a couple of tips on customer service. Never b******t a customer.They are hard to get and easy to lose. Honesty at all times, if you don't know the answer to somethig, tell them you don't know, but that you'll find out. If you make a promise to a customer , keep it, regardless of how much you are put out. If you can't do something, be honest, tell them you can't deliver, but make alternative suggestions.
    Best of luck
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    congrates on the new job! The only really usefull think I could tell you would to exspect the unexspected when dealing with people. Thats true in almost every setting when dealing with the publick or people in general. Another good point like jm459 said was to be honest, treat everyone like you would treat a friend or family member. That works again, with anything your doing. Hope that helps some, sorry I really coulnd't help on the technical side of things
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    be specific in everything you say. don’t be afraid to talk down to them. if you tell someone to "turn off their computer" there's a good chance they're going to turn off their monitor. You have to tell them to turn off the power at the central processing unit, the tower or the desktop unit. Never believe them when the say they’ve already done something. Walk them threw it step by step.

    congrats and have fun
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    Congrats on your new job!
    However, i dont envy you.......i did tech support for a while and i swear to God that some people should really have to pass some type of test before they purchase a computer/peripheral.
    Man, i seen myself sitting pulling me hair out and putting the customer on hold to shout FUUUUUUCK at the top of my lungs.

    As r3fus3d said, expect the unexpected. I remember talking to a woman one day and i swear i was sitting 15 minutes getting her to right click.

    It was like

    Me: Right click on My Computer
    Her: Ok ive done it
    Me: Whats displayed on your screen now?
    Her: Nothing
    Me: What do you mean nothing, there must be something on your screen?
    Her: Yes, just what was on it before...
    Me: Ok, hover your cursor, that little arrow thing on the screen, over the picture that has My Computer written underneath
    Her: Ok
    Me: Now click the right button on your mouse
    Her: Ok done
    Me: Whats now displayed on your screen?
    Her: Same thing only the picture is blue


    Good Luck!

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    Congrates on your new job...my sugestion is to lee yor faucet dripping at night to try and build up an ability to ignore annoyances. Oh and read BOFH and www.techtales.com, its a form of therapy
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    yep the mug entered every bloody thing I had said into the run field..
    my answer.. you need a bloody good brickwall near your desk.. and for the realy good calls.. the hard corners of the metal filing cabinets make it easy to take your mind off the subject..
    oh incase you suffer brain numb.. a little sign
    Bang head here to continue
    will remindyou of the cure..

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    Ahhh the joys of showing idiots how to run something. Tech support staff should be some of the highest paid people on earth with what they put up with.
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