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Thread: Network+ or CCNA

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    Network+ or CCNA

    I'm new to networking so i decided to take up a guide either c++ or network+. But i'm not sure which is a better guide for me to get into the networking world.

    AFAIK, network+ is more to a general type of networking theories and CCNA is mostly on cisco products.

    Anyone can advise me

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    I'm afraid that I cannot give you any advice on what would be the best route for you to follow, as only you will be able to decide that, after looking at all the option's available to you, and your preferred area of study, but I have given you a link to Cisco which will give you all the information you require on Cisco CCNA, CCNP etc, and the Networking Academy Programme. Hope this is of assistance to you.

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    This is entirely an opinion answer but I would have to say go with the CCNA. It can be a stepping stone to other Cisco certs. I've completed the courses and it is quite indepth. It covers cisco products, obviously, but it also covers all networking aspects. Right now @ college they're forcing me to redo the Cisco course as well as do a Nortel course. I'm not bothering to reread for the cisco course (the material only changes slightly) and I decided not to read for Nortel and just go based on what cisco had taught me. I've been pulling off 90s and both curriculumns stuff. Networking is networking. The first time I took the CCNA the rumour as that if you take the CCNA then you can also walk in and right the Network+ course. I almost went to a private college to become a network engineer (price got in my way) but they taught the CCNA and Network+ courses and they said students usually skipped whichever course happened to be covered second because the material was so repetitive. Also CCNA comes with a nice salary if you listen to rumours. When I finished the course the rumoured salary out of HS with no college training was like $30,000USD.
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    I would suggest the Cisco certs also. From what I hace seen, these certs seem to carry more wieght when you are looking for a job. The courses have been consistant and as others have stated before, networking is networking. Once you understand the underlying principles, you can work toward other (brand X) certs and have a very good head start. The pay one can get when you have a Cisco cert seems to be larger than with others also. With the Cisco cert track, there are many other certs available including security. The Holy Grail of the Cisco track is the CCIE....I am still working toward that and from what I have heard...it is very dificuilt. However, the first step to take, if you are looking at the Cisco certs is the CCNA. Read up on it at the cisco web site.


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    Do both...there a lot of cisco folks running around without work so its no gaurenty, but N+ is not highly respected (esy test in most peoples opinions). if you can get finacial aid then get into school and get a degree as well, any thing you can do to not be in the job market untill this econamy picks up will help, finding work is hell right now and isn't going t oget any better for a few years regardless of what a training center tells you. When I was looking for work the HR departemnts I talked to said things like 1000 resumes in the first day all wit h5+ years of experience.

    Also look at a OS cert as most comapnies don't have infrustructure specialists any more. MCSE or RHCE would be the best bets there.
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