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Thread: Help please... svchost.exe acting up

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    Unhappy Help please... svchost.exe acting up

    Hey 'yall. I'm having some computer troubles and I was wondering if anyone knew how to help me.

    The other day I got frustrated with kazaa, so I tried looking at some other P2P programs, and I downloaded and installed Morpheus... and yes I do now realize how stupid that was with all of its spyware crap that it installs. After finding out Morpheus was worse, I uninstalled it, and that stupid my search bar thing.

    Since then, I have noticed that whenever I start up IExplorer, a new svchost.exe starts and it jumps up to 50-60 CPU and then back to 0 and back up, and it never stops. Other than that my computer has been alright, it's just been slowed down by this, and it's getting annoying.

    I have tried to end the task, but whenever I do, strange things happen, usually (I'm running XP, and have the silver XP appearance thing) it switches the appearance back to that 98 style, except for the start menu, and every once and a while will disable a driver until I restart (so far that's happened to my sound and mouse drivers, but they work fine now).

    I have searched on google for things about svchost behaviors and viruses that infect it, and this does not seem normal, and I'm pretty sure I don't have W32.Jeefo or Code Blue, since I don't have those files, but I did find that I had a few of the System.32 virus files (only the my search bar files though). Also, I hve already scanned my computer with spybot Search and Destory, but I still need to finish a full system scan with NAV. I'll post the results of that when it's done.

    If anyone has any suggestions, tips, or fixes, please post them. This thing is getting really annoying.
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    svchost.exe: A generic process that is “Service Host” for other processes. Yes, this is actually a service, but I am placing it here because I have no where else to put it. You may have 3 or 4 copies running in task manager (system, network, user, and ?) If you use my tweaking tips , you can rid yourself of a couple of them.
    Taken from blackviper.com

    Here is the link he provides that will aid you in getting rid of some of the svchost.exe "incidents":



    This is my all time favorite site.

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