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    Question That time I guess...

    Hey all--

    Closing in on my senior year at high school and already I'm supposed to have a list of colleges that I'm supposed to want to go to. The trouble is that I really don't know where the heck I wanna go really... I did a bunch of research but I really can't put a finger on one that I want to go to. My main intrests are Computer Security (really anything that has to do with'em), politics, and crimminal justice. So I was just wondering for all of the Ao'ers that have already completed this stage of life, whether or not you had any suggestions or what you did to find the right college that you wanted. Also, if there are any people here that are actually in the IT field, would you mind sharing parts of what you took in college so that I can get a good grasp on what employeers are looking for? I already did a google search on all this and found a good load of info but I really feel like I need first hand point of view if ya know what I mean...

    Thanks in advance for all your help in this big decision I have to make...

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    I'm not in college yet but am starting in the fall. I'm gonna go to a community college for a semester or a year to get most of my basics. I am then gonna transfer to Devry. As far as I know devry is one of the better technical institures. They have a lot of campuses also. Heres their website if you wanted to look at their courses. I am going to try for a bachelors in Telecommunication whcih is basically Network Design and Implementation. I'm sure that they offer a few courses that you might be interseted in.

    Good luck with your senior year.

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    I've been in College for a year. I'm going to major in Information Systems but I'm at a school that doesn't even offer it. My point is, it's not really important where you go for your first 2 years (basically, while you're taking your core classes) as long as your classes transfer. You've still got time. If I were you, I'd just pick a school to go to for now and then decide on where you want to get your degree while you're there.

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    I have recently graduated in Computer Science from Western Michigan University. I am not at all satisfied from their CS cirriculum. I only studied Computer networks as an elective. And was not satisfied with the teacher at all as he only concentrated on the theory part. Their main emphasis is on programming part and mainly C/C++. I am planning of doing Masters with specialization in networking and telecommunication.

    Anyway, I think that you go to the following site as they rank the top colleges in US. Do read about the colleges and their area of experties as they give ranking according to the majors as well. All the best...

    Some of great universities are:

    * University. of California - Berkeley.
    * University. of illinois- Urbana Champagne
    * Carnegie Mellon University.
    * University. of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    * University of Texas - Austin
    * University of Texas - A&M

    and many more...I have heard a lot about Georgia Tech, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Virginia Tech. Do check them out also.

    You can even compare colleges on the site. The site is here

    I Hope this will be helpful...
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    Well, it's been 30+ years since I've been to college but, I don't imagine things have changed much. LOL

    I have had 3 careers in my lifetime Engineer/Sales/Business Owner.

    College was for engineering because that's what I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After about 10 years of it. I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do.

    Don't worry about which college or what major. There is no way in hell a 20 year old kid (no offense) knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life. (I know I didn't).

    I would say 2 things.

    1. Go to a college where you will enjoy yourself. College is a fantastic time in your life and (believe it or not) reading, writing and arithmetic are not the most important things you will learn in college. Getting along with your fellow man. Learning self responsibility. Getting laid..... lot's of important things.

    2. Finish what you start. Most employers are not as concerned about your major as they are the fact that you finished. Nobody likes a quitter.

    I guess the exception to my advice would be the genius kid who should go to Harvard, graduate at the top of the class, take the CEO offer from WalMart with the 35 million dollar a year paycheck and.......enjoy. LOL

    College is a wonderful time of your life. Work hard for the things you want and struggle to exceed your goals but........don't forget to enjoy yourself.

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    My main intrests are Computer Security (really anything that has to do with'em), politics, and crimminal justice.
    THE RADICAL these disciplines are offered in most schools, it's just up to you to decide what part of the US you want to be in and what type of school you would like. All schools are different in their own way and the things you can do there at each have a variety.

    UrDaddy has listed some really good schools that can aid you in your search. The only thing I want to add is that if you are thinking of doing a Masters or even a PHD you need to have an idea as to what you want it to be in, since what you do as your bachelors will greatly affect the amount you have to level if any for your masters or PHD.

    Otherwise, good luck in your senior year and good luck in your search. I hope you find a wonderful school that suits you.

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    UrDaddy listed some of the best, add to that list Caltech and MIT and you have the best computer schools in the country. Unfortunately most schools will emphasize programming and network theory (that’s just the way computer science is). Nothing wrong with that, knowing how to code is a great advantage for a netsec guy. My biggest suggestion is freshman year get a work-study job with computing services so you have experience along with the education. I would also join ACM and the schools computer club while you are there, it’s never too soon to start networking.

    oh ya and have fun. It can be the best four (or in my case 6) years of your life, pre- responability and what not. Also try and work in a free day or two into your schedual and never take a class before 8 am you wont show up.

    Hell watch PCU its a great intro into university life (that movie basicly summed up my 6 years.)
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    Hey all, thanks again for the great advice and your kind words. I do intend to check some of the schools you have suggested out, they look very promising. Thanks again...
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