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    windows forms

    Hi every one .Can some one tell me how i can get reference or Handler to other currently running program(forms or windows) to change their state and change properties.Like getting list of process for windows form and then calling their function or methods. I want to know which function and which "dll" file should i use i am using c# to work.So write if any class or method avaliable in .Net Framework .I am thankfull to you . Thanks
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    Take a look around CodeGuru they have a lot of info about windows programming in C/C++, VB and C# (.net).
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    API, API, API!!!

    why don't you all learn, it's called API (application programming interface.)
    i don't know how many times i have to say it, i'm just kidding... API is pretty neat, it's a way for porgams to make calls to the system (kernel32) or any other application,DLL, etc... You can reference API in just about any programming language. There are even applications that do some of this for you... if you have any more questions, i fancy my self a API addict, and love to mess with windows
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