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    www.21century-mp3.nu (.com)?

    I visit this site every now in then to sample some hard to find music. I seen that there normal URL www.21century-mp3.com hadn't posted any updates for a while. From a different website I seen that it linked to www.21century-mp3.nu. Once I visited that I seen the big red link on the top of their page that links to:


    They are offering a thousand dollar reward, which I'm sure they are good for to steal back their domain. Anyone with a good amount of computer knowledge may want to take them up on that offer and hopefully also pass on some advice about securing their domain. Anyway, I just thought the AO community might be able to assist them. If not, enjoy the site.
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    That's kind of strange, why would you want to steal a well established .com? I guess he shuts it down to prevent competition but wait isn't the mp3's free on that site.

    Then this must just be a malicious person and I think he needs to be stop but there are right ways in doing so.

    Just my thought on things...
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