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Thread: Help With CGI/Net.commerce System

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    Help With CGI/Net.commerce System

    First off, i don't know which thread to post this under, so if it is in the wrong one, PM me and i will Delete it.

    My company runs back end E-Commerce sites for 1000's of affiliates using IBM's Net.commerce software. Adding info the the Database is all done through Netscape Browser.

    My problem is, last weekend, one of the harddrives in my webserver failed. I managed to backup from a mirrored drive, but the db file for NC did not work. My IT dept. told me that they had a backup on tape, but that was no go. SO needless to say my last backup that i could restore from is from 7/15/2002. Since then about 50,000 changes have been made to the db that i have to redo...fun fun..

    My problem is, that in 8/2002, they changed the password that we use to login to the NetCommerce Screens....well the backup runs on the old password. No one in the company has it.

    Is there any way that anyone knows that i can recover this password. Like i said the login page is in my browser, I can email code to anyone that needs it, but it will not work if you are not hooked up to the network locally......

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    Have you contacted IBM? They used to be notorious for putting in back doors, maybe they can get you in.

    Good Luck.


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    Funny you should mention that, i have contacted IBM software support twice. They tell me someone will call me back when they find out if it is their software. They told me at first that they never had any software named Net Commerce. They told me i must have read my box worng, but i have the box, i have 2 books that i bought from IBM on it, and i have the cd's that are branded with IBM's logo....so i don't know what to do..
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