Hello AntiOnline, how are you today?

I just thought that I would stop by Roll Call and introduce myself as the little thread description says to do. I would call myself a Noobie Neophyte meaning I know less than nothing about what I hope to know. All I know, and I found this out today is what a proxy is. I was told it was something you do to hide your trail. Can somone confirm this? Thanks.

Anyway, I guess you could say that found your site three ways. All in the same day, I found the link in someone's signature at another forum, in the Hyperlink section on Hackers.com and someone on AIM told me to go to it to find good information for Neophytes like myself.

I just have two questions right now ( I am sure there will be many more )

How do you get custom avatars? I have seen some around. I am assuming that you need a certain number of posts "under your belt". Can somone also confirm or correct this?

As you can see my signature is not centered. What are the correct mark-up tags for centering?

I hope AntiOnline quenches my thirst for knowledge... haha...

By the way. I don't like Pokemon. It's just tempory until I find out how to get customs. ;P