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Thread: internet linux question

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    internet linux question

    is there a program out there for red hat that lets me connect to aol, i still have dial-up and also i read about the linux router @ www.freesco.com and i downloaded it and setup, now when i get cable in 2 months, how do i connect it to my lynksys router, the bsfr41, (4 port w/ wan and uplink port) to the freesco router, i know that one nic goes to the cable modem but i dont know where the other one goes on the router, i wanna share it between three computers and my xbox, and should i enable the dhcp for the lynksys router or for the freesco router. any help would be grateful. thanx

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    The best way to setup it would be something like this

    ISP->lynksys router-> LAN and if you want a linux router (witch im not sure you need if you have a router)

    it would be ISP->Linksys->LINUXROUTER-> LAN

    Let the router use obtain the IP adress and host the DNS server, for boath cases.

    unless I've totaly read this question wrong becuase I'm a little confused right now, but then again I am dead tiard.
    hope this helps some.
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    Assuming your cable ISP provides a router, not just a "cable modem" (which behaves more like a bridge), then you won't need your Freesco box any more and can use the router instead.

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    i am using the freesco box as a router and a firewall, sorry about that, the lynksys router doesnt have dns server but the freesco box does. i have read that poeple have been terminated by the cable provider for running dns servers, and how should i hook the cat5 cable to my freesco box from the lynksys router. my friend said to try the uplink port, but im not sure if that is right or not.

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