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Thread: New Tripod Geocities Angelfire Hack **Spam

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    Lightbulb New Tripod Geocities Angelfire Hack


    Hi..! i am Yash Kadakia plz give me credit for this little trick.
    email: tequilafromhell@hotmail.com
    Ok this tutorial is on how to take down accounts on tripod geocities angelfire etc

    etc etc
    See let me explain how this works.. the system they use is everyday they have a

    check on all the sites to make sure they are not interlinked. That is they make

    sure that your files are not stored on a different account than your page.. and if

    it is they shut down your account.

    So now this is how my hack works
    You go and make a account on tripod angelfire geocities etc make sure its the same

    as your victim. Now open up your victims web site and right down all the image

    urls all the download urls etc etc. now on the account you made and make a web

    site. make sure to put images and downloads on your site linking to the images on

    the victims site i.e. using the vicitms site as a base to run your site.. so then

    you submit your site to tripod member sites or angelfire member sites or geocities

    member sites according to what you used..

    wait for a while and your new account and his account will shut down thus he will

    loose all his information and his web site will be shut forever..!!!

    This is jus for educational use not intended to be used by any1 (yea rite)
    by Yash Kadakia tequilafromhell@hotmail.com

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    1) crack, not 'hack'
    2) would you like it if this was done to *your* site?
    3) this is at least a year old, ive heard it before, i wouldnt be surprised if 50% of the other members here have too.
    4) quit cross posting this crap, once is enough.


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