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    port 80 question

    am i totally protected from port attacks with internet alert installed? what does an address of 0.000.00etc...mean on a port 80 attack? thanks

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    you NEVER are fully protected from internet attacks. The best thing to do is to constantly look for updates and do not download a lotta stuff from warez sites and stuff....also, testing kewl websites such as the ones that can trace an IP for you and stuff... most pple put their own IP down to try it out thus putting themselves in danger. Remember for every good security program out there there's an even better malicious program to defeat it. Its the cycle of cyberlife
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    Are you sure it's an Alert Program or is it a Firewall?

    You need to, at least, have a firewall installed - then - the nest step is to have it properly configured. It can be a little tedious at first, but you will learn fast.

    I reccommend

    You can download the free version (3.7.193) or you can fork out some cash for the 'Pro' version. Incidentally, have a look around the site and get some general info on their products. Not necissarily with intent to buy, just get a general idea of what is available. Then, check out the forums on Antionline - your bound to get all the info you need here.

    Good luck!
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    just did a google on "internet alert". the question as to wether its a firewall of just an alerter is moot. Its made by bonzi software. while this product may stop script kiddies from stealing your person info (although i really doubt it) it allows bonzi to steal it

    Although i have no person experiance with internet alert. bonzi is one of the big 'evils' on the net as far as you privacy is concerned. bringing you other great products like bonzi buddy.

    delete this program and run adaware right away...you've been had.
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    Bonzi! God, kill it, kill it now! Whew, sorry. I had a little run-in with them in my less experienced days... gave me a hatred of that company I think I will never lose. On the plus side, I learned a bit more about how to delete stuff when it REALLY DOESN'T WANNA LEAVE.

    P.S. I know everyone recommends adaware... I have to say, though, "Spybot: Search and Destroy" is a pretty good one too.

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    Get a copy of TPF (http://www.tinysoftware.com/home/tiny2?la=EN)

    Yeah, I admit it's not the easiest or the most flasy bits of software about, but configure it manually and you will learn a thing or two as you go...

    As far as your is concerned:

    You see this on a number of occasions: can mean 'anything on my network interface subnet' - usually seen on internal networks.....e.g. If the pro side of your f/wall had an IP addr of, then a rule specifing the following would allow any host on the subnet to get to x.x.x.x TCP:80
    Allow TCP:80 to x.x.x.x

    If you are seeing this incoming to your server from the external interface of a f/wall then it's probably a spoof'd packet - often a result of a syn-flood attack or similar.

    Hope this helps.........

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