ok some people have been asking about IRC so I thought I would do a quick tut on the matter....

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat - its more or less the same as the chatrooms I suspect most people have visited.
You have different rooms with people talking in them

Now like chat rooms you got to be on the right server to talk in each room. You wouldn't go into a Yahoo chatroom server to chat in a MSN room - the same goes for IRC
There might be 1000's of rooms called ChitChat but just on different servers.

There are two main ways to chat on IRC

  1. Thro a Java client
  2. Thro a local client (like mIRC)

I prefer the later as it gives you more options so this tutorial will concentrate on that but first I will explain what a Java chat client is....

You can see an example of a Java chat client at Unerror.com - this allows you to join only the one server and limits what you can do....

Now to join IRC thro a local client you will need a client like mIRC - found here

download and instal it and then we can get cracking
when you run it you will be presented with a lil box with a pic of a guy in the right corner (click on his nose for an mIRC easter egg) just close that box by clicking the X

A new window will open called mIRC options
Now fill out the boxes like Full name etc - but remember whatever you put in them will be visible to other people on IRC so if you dont want to fill in your real details then dont

the nickname field also needs to be filled out this will be your handle on IRC - it is unlike other chat progs in the fact that you dont register your nick (you can on some servers but not that many) so pick something that no-one else is going to have that will be unique to you.....

ok now above all that is a drop down field with a list of servers - if you wanted to connect to one of them you would select it and then hit [connect to server] but I am going to talk you thro typing in a server name rather than picking one so just hit ok

Now you should be left with just the one window labeled status

enter in there /server irc.unerror.com

you should see some text like
* Connecting to irc.unerror.com (6667)
* Identd request from xx.xxx.xx.xxx
* Identd replied: 1052, 6667 : USERID : UNIX : valhallen
-irc.unerror.com- *** Looking up your hostname...
-irc.unerror.com- *** Found your hostname (cached)
-irc.unerror.com- *** Checking ident...
-irc.unerror.com- *** Received identd response
the 6667 in brackets is the port number you are connecting to this is the defualt port for IRC servers

ok after that there should be some scrolling text and then a new window will open listing different rooms - type #lobby

this will take you to the room called lobby - thats it your now ready to chat
but i will also go over some of the common commands in irc

a command always starts with / to distinguish it from normal text
some commands are general and can be typed in any window such as /server
but other need to be typed in the room you wish to send them to

  • /me (your text here) - this appears in this way in chat
    for example /me slaps xmaddness around with a large trout
    would look like
    *v_Ln slaps xmaddness around with a large trout
    these msgs are usualy a different color form the normal text as well
  • [/color=red]/nick (new nick)[/color] This is used to change your nick
  • /join (room name) Makes you join a new room - the old one will remain open as well (dont forget the # as well
  • /msg (persons nick) (your meassge) this sends a private msg to that person

these are just a few of the basic commands that can be used there are alot more but many depend upon your status in the room.....in some rooms you will see people with a @ before their name this means they are an op and have mor control over the room (can change topic, kick, ban, unban, mute room, set limit, set invite etc etc) you may also see some other people with a + before their name - this is not much of an advantage as it only means that if for some reason the op's were to mute the room they (and other ops) would be the only ones still able to send msgs.....normally a room is only ever muted when under a DoS attack (someone flooding room) and the + is mostly used as a symbol that the perosn is well known in that room.

ok well thats the basics if you want to know more there are plenty of site out there about mIRC and IRC in general but that should be enough to get you on IRC at least


http://unerror.com/beta/ <- much thanks needed for giving the old AOIRC'ers somewhere to go and argue since the old server was closed - \/\/3 0w3 j00 d|_|d3!!!!!!!!!!!