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    IT Security Cookbook

    I have searched and did'nt find any reference to this. My apologies if it has been done previously. I appreciate it is a bit dated , but nevertheless feel that it still contains some useful information

    IT Security Cookbook

    OBJECTIVES This book is intended as a 'self help' guide to computer & network security, primarily for security managers, programmers and system administrators.
    Briefly discuss threat & risk analysis.
    Provide a framework for deciding how tightly systems need to be secured (classification)
    How to create security policies, processes, structure and responsibilities required in a security organisation.
    Presentation of logical & physical security mechanisms.
    Provide technical guidelines for UNIX, Firewalls, NT, Web, Win95, OLTP, Oracle, Sybase, Java, Office applications, Programming and TCP/IP Networks.

    The link to the complete book is http://www.boran.com/security/
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    Talking Cookbook

    Uhh Thanx for the site it will really come in handy in the future as a reference.!!!
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    Great link it will help people who want to know more about it. and as a reference if they for get something I know I will get some use out of it

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    Agreed. Thanks for posting the link!
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    Lots of good ground information.
    Thank you for the link!

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