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    The firewall that comes with XP *sucks* because it only blocks incoming stuff, and not outgoing.....so basically any info being broadcast from your computer (or from BO on your computer) isn't being stopped. I agree with FrameWork that you should immediately install Outpost. You can find it here: http://www.agnitum.com/download/.

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    Haha repeat after me..."Lamer toolz are lame..." (Look, I used the cool "z" too!!)

    Hey at least you were man enough to get on here and ask for help, even though you had to know you were gonna get **** about it. I really hope you did learn your lesson about this kind of stuff.

    And seriously, thanks for the best laugh I've had this evening!
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    Another way to remove it is to just log in and i believe you can shut down the server then delete it. (thought id add that since no one gave that answer) That is if you can log into it. Also, i wouldnt trust just using that, and as many others suggested, just search for something to remove it.
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    Safest bet would be to reformat your HD, good chance you've been hijacked and then some. Just suck it up, and take it as a lesson learned.....
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    Honestly, if I were in your position I wouldn't format just yet.... If the removal is successful and it doesn't show up in virus scans anymore, then I'd just install a decent firewall (free of course) and keep it updated. If all of the above^ are done, then I'd feel safe enough. It'd at least give you enough time to make a backup of all your important files/documents/other stuff if you did decide to go ahead and format. If you don't format, then you should definately (at *least*) always keep your AV updated and run seperate programs that specialize in finding Trojans, Virii, Spyware, and whatever else you can think of *and* keep an updated firewall enabled at all times.

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    Originally posted here by blue_wolf
    Hey thats not fuuny.....I told u I was being a frekin a**...Which sucks. I could'nt even open the darn thing. Infact that happenes to alot of programs I download. Man my system must be crawling with back doors and stuuf.
    All the advice about what you can do now has been covered by the rest of the team, however, one thing that hasn't been mentioned (I suppose because it's just common sense) is to NOT download and/or open any programs that you 'don't know'.

    I know that may seem a little vague, but a lot of these 'nasties' are silent executeables which means you open the program, nothing happens that you can see but theres some..... ahhmmm.... movement in the background? Anywayz, it does **** to your 'puter.

    I'm pretty sure that after this barrage of replies (all helpful, some funny ), you've learnt your lesson.....maybe.

    Goodluck and cheers!!
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    Try using SwatIt, it's a very solid trojan detector/remover. Get it here:


    Good luck


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    The Manual Fix:
    1. Press the START button.
    2. Select RUN , type REGEDIT
    3. Using the + to expand the branches, locate the following key :

    4. On the right hand side, double click on the (default) 'key' . It will bring a box up showing the key and it's current value ( Value data ) ,which is ' .exe'. Highlight this and press delete (not backspace make sure the key is empty), then click OK.
    5. Close REGEDIT and reboot you machine .
    6. Press START
    7. RUN , type COMMAND
    8. At the DOS prompt type :

    del c:\windows\system\exe~1
    complete fix is here at this Link. Figure you would need both the manual and the automatic fix just in case you are having problems with either one.

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