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    you definitly need a girl .... and i thought i was bad in finding a girl :-D

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    er0k, I tried my best to get you a companion to cheer you up. See post in Tech Humour
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    Lol, I hear ya... and I'm not even drunk I'm just depressed all around...

    When I get my licence and a car (which will be soon I hope) I'm driving all the way to nowhere and I'm gonna have the best time with the people I'm gonna pick up on the way...

    I miss them soooo much, this summer I figured out that I am more sensitive than I thought I was... what's this thing that's beating all the time inside me???

    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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    I feel lonely as hell, but i'm typically always in a pretty good mood.

    I feel that those who don't have a ton of girls are that way for a reason. Sorta like how you tend appreciate something alot more when you have'nt had it all the time.

    I don't see anything wrong with me, but i have'nt ever really gone on what you would call a "date". I had a girlfriend back in highschool that was pretty hot, but none since then. Shoot, the way i figure it is i'm only 21, and it was meant to be in a way that i have'nt been with a ton a girls. I'm pretty patient, and i'm sure that something will come my way in due time.


    Has anyone else noticed that the "average"/"geeky" guys always have wives that look pretty damn good? I have seen a ton of this over the last few years. Just thought i would throw that in.


    sometimes i feel like im my only friend
    Man, if anyone knew how much i can relate to this single statement. I'm not sure what the hell happend to me, but i'm always by myself, and i can count my "friends" on less than one hand. I guess if i had to put my finger on it; the term would be "anti-social", but that does'nt really make sense, because i actually enjoy talking to people. Just seems that noone sticks around long enough for me to call them friend...more like acquaintances.

    Anyway, i hope you find what your looking for, and i hope you cheer up real soon.

    Take care.

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    What did they do to you on that discussion camp, er0k??? Or are you just depressed because you're out of Belgian cigarettes?

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