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Thread: modem problem : dial-up connection is getting disconnected

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    modem problem : dial-up connection is getting disconnected

    i m using 52kbps pctel internal modem and windows 2000 professsional with PIII 720Mhz configurattion installed in my system.
    Problem is when i connect to internet using dial-up connection it is getting disconnected immediately with-in 10-15 seconds.
    i have tried different combinations but its of no use. even changed maximum port speed to
    38400. please help me
    thank you

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    Have you talked to your ISP? Maybe the problem is on their end. I remember when I was on dial-up, my ISP had locked out my account. I would connect and then almost immediately be disconnected, so I had to call them and straighten things out. Also have you had your lines checked for noise? If there is an excessive amount of line noise then your connection will not be maintained. Lastly do you have call waiting? Are you disabling the call waiting before establishing your connection?
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    there is no problem with isp account b'cos its working fine on my friend's system.yes it showed errors like noise on phone line . maybe this error might have caused problem.
    i have spare hard disk which has win98 and tried it. but problem worsens.
    this time error is ' logging on to the network' .. ..after 10-15 seconds message shows 'xxxx disconnected' without even getting connected.
    i usually connect to isp at night times. so, there will not be noisy , busy lines
    and i have not changed call waiting status.
    thanks for ur reply

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    yes it showed errors like noise on phone line
    More than likely that is your problem.
    If you have excessive line noise then the signal will become corrupted and will not communicate correctly. Do you have any electronic devices by any of your phone line. For example. Power cords, wireless devices?

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