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    Flash sound

    I've got this problem with flash mx...when i import a music file in a flash movie...and i then publish it the file size becomes to big, and so it will take some time for the swf file to load when its published on the net, however i've come across sites that..have a whole album on 1 swf file, and still have a small size swf file...e.g (www.Tyrese.com), but at the same time i've noticed that the songs are not in the swf file, but are linked from a destination...and i also believe the files are either .ram or .asx files..as those type of music file are small in size and can load very quickly over the Internet...but the problem i'm havin is how do i link a .ram or .asx file to a swf file..can someone please please help....your help would be most appreciated..thanks
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    not sure if this is what you mean, but this will load a sound file into a sound object inside of a flash movie.

    Snd = new Sound();
    Snd.loadSound("c:\song.mp3", true);
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    they prolly stream it - havn't looked at that link yet but looks to be kind of thing you are looking for


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    Okay, feel special because I said I was leaving AO, and right after I saw your post and was like.. ****, I could help him. So this is my last post here.

    What we do is we import the sounds, especially long ones like songs, as mp3s. Import the mp3 to a sound layer in your animation. Then select a frame of the mp3, and open the properties dialog box. Set the sync option to stream. Then publish and your all set. You can see an example of this here

    Good luck, and I'm out..

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