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Thread: Downhill Battles.

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    Downhill Battles.

    I have to say, this site has gone DOWNHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    you guys dont even know how to put banners up properly.... come on, get it together..... jupiter media..... i thought u would of been better then that.

    anyway..... Yours In Cyberspace owns all so hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

    anyone who agrees reply to this post... if you dont agree then **** off

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    No **** this palce has gone down hill...JP was so ****in ub3r. He stiffed Jupiter Media Big time because they have a bunch of ****in moron Web masters who claim they cant change Banners. Ooh Well, I hope this place dies totally...Note to Webmasters. LEARN HTML....Ot atleast some basic mySQL cause im sure you only need like a half line of ****in coode for God sake

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    What banners are you talking about? I see none...

    But yeah.. since JP left.. this site has slowly gone down the crapper... no one even checks posts in 'Site Suggestions'... or even replies to threads.... its sad.. it was a great site..

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    I haven't been around for as long as the rest of you, but it does seem to be dropping in quality. However we've had these threads before, regardless of how much we dislike what's going on JupM isn't going to change the way they run things. As long as they're making their money they could care less about us little guys. I contacted them after hearing several members state they miss their antionline.com email address. I asked them for the subdomain addict.antionline.com with plans to host an mail server for addicts/senior members (since we seem to be the ones who miss the mail access the most). They denied this request. Last time I checked setting up a CNAME or even an MX entry was relatively simple and cost nothing. It just shows how little they really care about this community.
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    I can't seem to get on www.yoursincyberspace.com is the url changed or is it me ?

    Well yeah.. the site is going down sure. It's not like we didn't expect it to..

    like a self fullfilling prophecy !!11!
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