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    missing file

    Hello every body. I just now downloaded one software but when I tried to run it, it show me that comdlg32.ocx is missing. I downloaded that file and putted it in the same directory where was the software. But still it kept on showing the same error. what may be the prob ? plz help me!!!!!
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    Sounds to me like you need the Visual Basic Run Time Files.. Assuming it's the VB6 RunTimes that you need, you can download them at http://support.microsoft.com/default...NoWebContent=1

    If this doesn't work then check out http://www.webattack.com/help/missingfiles.html and see if they can offer you more assistance. (btw this was the first result returned on google when the file name was typed in)
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    maybe u need to put the file in c:\windows\system32 or directory.....


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    Don't really know much about this off-hand, but I did a bit of research for you and found another few places where you can download the file and other doccumentation - maybe the replacement you got was corrupt? This probably won't help (i'm sorry ) but it's worth a mention

    Hope these help!

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    I just did some research on that too and this is what I got. Go to these sites to learn more about them and also to get the files u need.

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    This file is the microsoft common dialogue controls.

    e.g file open and file save box that microsoft use on all their products.

    It is bundled with the VB runtimes from 4.0 onwards however you should get the version6.0 runtimes to make sure.

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