I'm new to AntiOnline, and new to the net-security/hacking scene. I'm not interested in making hacking my hobby, nor do I intend to spend any large amount of time protecting any systems from harm.
I'm here because I've had some spiffy ideas for a hacker-cyberpunk story floating around in my brain lately and I don't want it to suck entirely when and if I do eventually get around to writing it. (I'm actually thinking about the plot in terms of a video game - but I'm about as far from making a game as I am from hacking at this point so...chickens as they hatch I guess).

What I'm trying to say is that I'd like to do research for this story. The world, the characters, the hardware & software. And I'd really like to get feedback from members of this community even if it just means pointing me to somewhere else for the information I need.

If you're interested in teaching me things, please e-mail me! I know practically nothing about hacking or security so anything you have to tell will be appreciated.

If there's any interest at all in this idea then maybe I'll post somewhere what I've come up with so far for this story. Anyway like I said, contact me if you feel like helping.
Thanks everyone,