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Thread: 8X Graphic Card...?

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    8X Graphic Card...?

    Hi all, I've bought Winfast Geforce FX5200 G/card 8X, and my motherboad is Epox 8KHA+ which is just only only 4X, but I benchmark it with 3DMark2001SE, the point 7010. And then cahnge my motherboard with MSI KT4AV which support 8X, but when I benchmark the point is only 6890..., Idont know why, but all the driver allready updated, and other systems and applications is all the same, I just change the motherboard and update the driver.

    AMD Athlon XP 1700+
    256 Kingston 266DDR
    Maxtor 40GB HDD

    Epox M/B only support 200/266DDR, and MSI KT4AV support 266/333/400DDR...

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    There could be a lot of reasons for the performance decline.

    1. One motherboard has a higher FSB than the other.
    2. One motherboard is just better built.
    3. Different Chipsets
    4. Different Video Chipsets.

    Theres a lot of reasons why one performs better than the other, thats just a few reasons.

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    Did you go into the BIOS of the MSI and enable 8x AGP?
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    well from what i see your useing a AMD. so you cant take all the bandwith any how now i would bet you if you had a intel it would be much diff cuse of intels bandwith craving cpu. (p4) with 800 FSB
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    allenb1963, what i know, my motherboard will detect the 8X AGP Automatically because in manual book said like that.....

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