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    Getting online

    Click the lil blue E on your Desktop (stands for Enter-the-net)
    then another box will open ask your mom to fill in the password (tho i dont know why mu mom's is easy is just ***** all asterixs how dumb)

    then click connect wait while your computer sings to the other one - if it likes your computers singing then it lets you on

    thats it now your on the Net

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    *single tear rolls down cheek*
    thats beautifal man.. i can feel the symbolism.. the singing, the 'E'..

    Thank you for my new view on life and our very existance.

    (ps; shouldnt this be in cosmos?)
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    Look, Intmon, I know what your doing now.....

    You've been posting some pretty lame stuff. Like, one after the other.

    Trying to get your posts up, eh?

    You'll find that ppl will respond better when you contribute something useful.


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