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Thread: Dlls Reloaded

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    Dlls Reloaded

    Can some one tell me that.How can i find the value of enum in dll files like user32 and kernel32.These enums are known as styles in api. Is there any trick or tool by means of which i can dig the values of these styles because i am using c# to load them so there is no means to reference these enums or styles form the c# because there is no means provided. Thanks
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    Are these values (enums) you are looking for something like

    typedef enum {
    WS_OVERLAPPED = 0x0,
    WS_POPUP = 0x80000000,
    WS_CHILD = 0x40000000,
    WS_MINIMIZE = 0x20000000,
    WS_VISIBLE = 0x10000000,
    WS_DISABLED = 0x8000000,
    WS_CLIPSIBLINGS = 0x4000000,

    If so try this link:


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