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Thread: Does a Wireless hub interfere with Cell phones?

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    Does a Wireless hub interfere with Cell phones?

    I was wondering if a Wireless hub interferes with a cell phone's signal? I have a tdma phone but since i put a wireless hub for my comp, the phone started giving me problems around the house. And sometimes calls do not even go through when I place the phone near my computer.
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    I have wireless DSL at home, and I get problems when I use the cordless phone in the same room, because the base is in there too. I don't think there would be as many problems with a cell because I've used mine in there too and there wasn't really much interference. If you use a cordless at all just be sure to keep the base away from all that signal.
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    Cordless phones sometimes, are real close in frequency to 802.11 WLAN set up and manicchester is right, in that having your base near a wireless Lan setup, will or could cause you problems.
    Cell phones on the other hand operate totally out of the range of WLAN and shouldn't be affected.
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    Source: http://www.multitech.com/APPLICATIONS/WIRELESS/

    Does Wireless Transmission Have Any Effect on Other Equipment?

    Wireless LAN products that comply with the IEEE 802.11b standard will not interfere with cell phones, 900 MHz cordless phones, television, radio, etc. However, since microwave ovens and 2.4GHz cordless phones use the same frequency band, communication may be affected if they are used near wireless LAN equipment.
    What Effects does Wireless Technology have on the Human Body?

    Wireless LAN products that comply with the IEEE 802.11b are in line with the standards and guidelines of the FCC and will not affect the human body.
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