This weekend my hard drive bit the dust and I'm going to computer hell because the last time I backed her up was about a year ago, so here's a question that I hope someone can help me out on.

I am going to replace my hard drive and was thinking about picking up a second one of exact specs/size/manufacturer in the hopes that I could run them concurrently and that whenever I would save (specifically documents) to my main drive that the computer would save an exact, uncompressed duplicate on the second drive. Is this possible and if so how do I accomplish this.

I have seen programs that will do something similar but the problem I have found is that they often use a proprietary compression/back-up protocol for the second save and if I were to try to restore the files on another machine with the same OS but slightly different config, the restore feature won't work (this is based on a past "bad" experience with a Colorado back-up program and another software utility that I used). But I digress, anyway ... can anyone educate me here?