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    Question File download question

    Hey guys:

    This is probably a stupid question for most of you, but here goes:

    I am paranoid about kazaa, so I don't use it or any other p2p ware. But.... I'm downloading that HL mod, Natural selection, which is awesome.... but it's 90 MB, and it's taking a while to download. Now, the wait isn't the problem, the problem is that if anything happens (i.e. I lose my connection, the power goes out, ect...) I'm gonna lose what I downloaded. So my question is, How can I download it and not lose it if I lose connection?


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    just use a download accelerator ... i think that'll solve your problem ....


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    Mr.CD:\ there's this program I use all the time that allows you to resume downloads (download in portions). It's is call getright and can be found here

    The site you are downloading from needs to be supported by getright but most sites are supported these days so this might work.

    I hope this helps.

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    cutty, that is a good reccomendation, I have been using getright for a few years now. It allows you to download in portions, sometimes as many as 15! Most websites do support it, and you can get all kinds of cool skins for it! Download it at GetRight.com
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