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    Question What exactly "Locking the System" implies for Windows 98

    Hello everybody,

    In the context of a post on how to uninstal unobtrusive programs that instal in the background while one surfs the Net, one of the suggestions received was 'to lock one's system'

    I request for elaboration as to what 'exactly' does locking one's system while surfing the Net 'imply' i.e. as to what are the various individual steps and measures involved in locking one's system securely, with particular reference to Windows 98.

    My special plea is for a comprehensive and practical account of the various measures and steps to be taken, rather than piecemeal & isolated steps, since such an approach would not result in locking the system completely and securely.

    I thank the members in advance, in anticipation of recieving a very educative and practical clarification of the above matter.
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    unfortunately, i can not give a complete and full answer to your question. Locking somthing up implies security, but what kind (being so many). There are many steps to making your computer more secure, would have a hard time explaining/listing them... Keep searching the site, reading the posts... as there are many steps/directions/settings/properties/ and other misc. security related informations here at Antionline.com-> oh and, "we love to answer questions"
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    A common thing to ensure better security when using the net and hooked into a network is the use of a firewall. This helps keep your computer from being scanned and attacked by hackers/crackers and whatnot. Just a quick thought on something to help keep your computer secure.

    Edit: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/Net...r4/default.asp Just something that you can read up on for setting up a firewall...a little more information there that may help you out. Hope that helps...
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    Ok - I could be wrong here, but then the more knowledgable members can direct you.

    I would be assuming that this relates to having the propper security measures in place. This can come under a wide range of headings (and then even sub-headings...lol) but the most important aspect on security whilst surfing the Net is to have a properly configured firewall. This is the 'bouncer' that turns away 'nasties' at your computer's front-door. Some of these 'doors' are open - which is why the firewall needs to be configured properly, with sensible rules.

    This will stop certain data from leaving your system through TCP/IP, i.e. over the telephone lines (or cable? I'm not sure if further measures should be taken with cable seeing as it's always on.).

    Here are some links that will maybe give you some info on 'locking down' your system.

    This is a really good one with lots of links to pages:

    Hope this helps some. The some of the other members may be able to explain the linkage with Windows 98 (i think that was just the OS that the original 'question-asker' was using), and/or clear up anything stupid I've said (i'm still learning hehehehe

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