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    Web Search Rant.

    Ok this is my Rant for the week. (I hope.) Ok people please we are all here to learn. But at the same time we are not here to answer every single question. I personally have no problem answering anyoneís question if I know the answer. The problem that I am having is that people are just posting things with out doing a couple of things first.

    1. Searching the forums.
    2. Search google.

    I was once asked my uncle what does, Voyeurism mean? He told me to look the word up. Because I looked it I will always remember what that word means.

    Come on guys you will learn more, if you find it yourself donít just expect someone to hand you everything that they have learn in a single link.

    Sometimes the best answer or the best way to get an answer is to just look for it, or give up for a sec. There have been plenty of times that I have, forgotten something and thought about it for hours and couldnít remember anything. But, the second that I just give up and stop thinking I remember.

    Happy searching.




    Remember that it is not how you find it, is just the fact that you found it. I am not saying that if you canít find something, be scared and donít post your question but, donít post questions like; What is a keylogger?


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