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    Angry File Access

    Hey All.

    Im having a prob with my windows xp......I just reinstalled it and when i booted up it gave me an error that read "Unauthorized File Access!" It then has options to allow or deny and some other mumo-jumbo. ANy way it does this with EVERYTHING i run... IE6, Norton,MSCONFIG i did sone research and ran sfc /scannow (it gave me that error so i just clicked allow a hundred and 1 times) then it ran and i still ahve the prob. can someone pleze help?

    Here is a pic of it.....

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    Did you completely start over with the reinstall, ie reformat the drive, reinstall from the CD, etc.? Also, who are you logged in as, administrator?

    Are you using any kind of security monitoring program that might not be allowing access?
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    That's the Virtual Dos Machine used to launch older 16 bit programs. Weird...

    Are those older 16 bit programs? Oh wait, I would think IE6 wouldn't use NTVDM. I would think it's a corrupt install. Unless you have some older TSR loading or the Admins have locked down access to MS-DOS resources. Or there is something funky in config.nt??? Just brain storming.
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    do you have Black Ice application protection turned on?

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