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    Virus Portal

    Panda Software Launches VirusPortal, a New Global Virus Observatory Service For All Users

    At www.virusportal.com/ users can get real-time information on the proliferation of virus infections and get the tools they need to protect themselves
    The international antivirus developer revives the classic 'free for all' spirit of the Internet, with the launch of this new pro-active antivirus security portal centered on three pillars: real-time information, training and outstanding solutions
    The complete story is HERE.
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    The functions of the Virusometer and Infection Map actually sounds pretty interesting...can you see VirusPortal becoming more powerful than Norton Antivirus's software? Looks like the features of VirusPortal have the potential to be really effective. Thanks for that link moxnix...always appreciated!
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    It was interesting to see the differences in the information on the below listed sites, they did not agree at all concerning current infections.

    Trend Micro's Virus Map and
    Panda Software's Global virus obervatory ( I think I got that link right, it's a flash link off the main page of virusportal.com )

    They don't quite agree, not even close when I checked it.
    Trend Micro says
    The Trend Micro Virus Map (above) displays information about actual virus infections detected by HouseCall, our free on-line virus scanner for PCs, and by Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM), our central management solution for network administrators.
    Panda Software says
    How does Panda Software's Global Virus Observatory work?

    This network of sensors, is formed by the thousands of users all over the world who use Panda Software antivirus to protect their computers.

    Automatically and with users' consent, the results of scans are transmitted to a central processing station for the observatory, where an automated system then processes this immense volume of information, providing the following data:
    RAV Antivirus REAL TIME VIRUS STATISTICS used a pie chart and text and stated they obtained their info from
    The Virus Statistics are generated based on infection reports received by RAV Research Team from mail servers protected by RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers.
    I could not get McAfee's Regional Virus Info to change for individual regions, ( it appears to be only text version ) and could not find where their info came from.

    I found nothing similar to these on Norton's site, but I did find a link that for a yearly fee they will send out notices to whereever you want when they discover a new virus.

    What ever happened to the talk of a central database of ALL the companies? Anybody know?
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