Commodore 64 Makes a Comeback
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Thread: Commodore 64 Makes a Comeback

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    Commodore 64 Makes a Comeback

    Tulip Computers, which owns the Commodore brand name, plans to relaunch the brand to take advantage in an upsurge of interest in the obsolete Commodore 64 (C64) computer and its 1980s-era games, the company said in a statement Friday.


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    Nice, you've been finding some interesting news! The first system I really got familiar with was the Atari, and I never got a chance to check out the Commodore 64. How does it compare to the other older systems?
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    My goodness... the computer that Gramps taught us kids how to enjoy computing...
    Oh he will be thrilled.. show things do go in cycles.. this probably means that my old cp/m systems will be in voge soon.. darn good idea to get them out of the closet a month or two back.. .. yep time for some polish..

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    Ahhhh, many memories come flooding back with the mention of the old C64....

    I was reminded of it recently when I bought GTA-VC on the PS2. The 'software developer' screen came up and I was looking at the back cover - until I heard the familiar 'clickety-click' of the old keyboards.

    For those who have absolutely no idea what I'm on about, it comes up with the old 'blue screen' and the typing is

    LOAD "Vice City" [enter]

    then it comes up with a real flashback;


    Freakin' priceless.

    Thanks for the info - I'll follow with great interest.....

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