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Thread: can anybody teach me how to spank the monkey?

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    god the music is great when you hit it hard.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.

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    ... hmmmmmm... lots of hard practice... lots and lots of hard practice...

    and lots of RSI...

    hmmm that darn thing to some of us, is like a Light is to a moth... ..ahhh the light the light btzzzzzz


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    man I must really SUCK at spanking the monkey... because I only got 356 as my fastest speed... yeah you need to teach us how to get good at it like you Und3ertak3r
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    damn u all....playin my game and being better then me ....i got only 227 mp/h..

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    I'm proud of this one.. (see pic) ... update... I BROKE MY RECORD!!!!

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    Come on guys/ladys!!! 829.

    I will tell you how to get to that. What you do is swing the hand around then right when your about to swing at it click out of screen, then come back and click behind the monkey. You may not get it on the first time, but you just have to be fast. One day I was at my friends house and we where see who can hit it the hardest (First time me playing it) So first I hit like 98, then I zoomed out of screen, and clicked behind the monkey and I swear I hit like 1,200 (Somewhere in that field) maybe game messed up.

    P.S: Gore I own you in this one hahaha.

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    rated SP

    Serious popups
    Possible language issues
    West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
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    d00dz Attackin you really spanked that monkey. I was only able to get up to 693 but I used a different technique from you.

    Oh well I think I need to quit playing this game now, because it's taking up all my time. Guys stop spanking the monkey on company time

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    Bah Phoooey on all of you. I can only get 158 MPH. I guess it is because I have to slow my mouse way down to be able to aim properly in the games I play. Watch out thoughI will spank my onkey all the time now so I can beat all of you. I hope I don't get hair on my palms and hope I don't go blind.

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    Gah i have gotten up to 2,000's before with this simple trick.

    Drag the hand off the monkey playing area while you still hold the mouse down.
    The hand should go back to the middle but don't worry.

    Take and and put your mouse back on the monkey playing area on the left side of the monkey.

    Then you get an easy 600 mph.
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