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    Exclamation "Google Alert"

    I found something interesting... was reading and passed by something about google alert. So I thought I might take a look at it... personally I thought it was pretty neat.

    The link is

    This was quoted from,111109,00.asp

    PC World
    Tool for Googlers
    Google's great, but Google Alert makes it better, by performing automated searches on a regular basis and e-mailing you the results. You can do a simple search, or hone it by including or excluding words, sifting through updated pages only, searching a particular Web site, picking a specific format (say, PDF), and more. Google Alert includes a useful miniature browser for viewing results--just click on the link at the top of the e-mail message the service sends you. Note: Google Alert is not affiliated with Google.
    You can learn more about Google Alert Right here on Google Alerts faq!
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    you would have to be really hardcore about a site to use this for anything other than business reasons.. still cool though..


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