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Thread: Is Unix on Borrowed Time?

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    Is Unix on Borrowed Time?

    I am a subsriber to their newsletter and found this piece of information worth sharing.

    A panel of Linux luminaries here predicted the demise of Unix over time, saying it would inevitably be replaced by Linux.
    Torvalds also told the audience that he released on Sunday the first beta for the upcoming Linux 2.6 kernel, which will be followed by a few months of beta testing, and that customers need to test the beta.
    In a Microsoft world, the default approach is to build things into the kernel, Augustin said, while Linux development takes a layered approach where things are built above the core system, leading to a very different approach as to how these matters should be dealt with.
    You can read the full article here
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    Ok, first of all, you have to take care to differenciate between the commercial proprietary (SCO owned) Unix and onther Unices derivatives (*BSD, Solaris...). This really changes the sense of the question...

    On another point, the comments are made by Linux developpers and linux distros corporate people, about the death of competitors... Sounds like there might be a *slight* bias here...

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    I think nothing will kill unix i think it will be around for a few more years

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    I don't see Unix going away any time soon. While Linux is defintely positioning itself to take a good portion of the commercial market, and is building support for the consumer market, proprietary Unix versions (Solaris, HP-UX, and SCO) are solid, proven solutions to enterprise level applications. Linux is making some headway in this area, but the proprietary Unix flavors still corner the market because of large-scale support contracts that Linux distributions are only beginning to address.
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    Novel owns Unix

    There are many many flavors of unix... all based on System V or BSD. And they will never die. People said mainframes woudl be gone by 1995.. but they are still in use. People said cobol was out of date...but its still in use. not only is unix not dying, but even mac OS X is now built on darwin, which is a form of BSD.
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    Nah unix will never die. It will continue to live on for years and years to come. well unless all of a sudden no one uses computers anymore. thats a ways away too lol.

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    Unix isn't going anywhere, it's by and large not competing with Linux. Not as much as microsoft anyway. I predict and hope that m$ and windoze will be gone by 2010. Unix is really very different than Linux. Just look at Mac's incorporation of BSD, which i think is quite a work of art.

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    I do not hope Microsoft will be gone, because history is rewinded then -> no more user friendly computers, although it's better *nix is way to hard for a beginner. The average person doesn't care much about security and stuff, their computer has to be easy to use.
    On the other hand if some userfriendly *nix distro is created that problem is solved and it's bye bye M$. Heck, Microsoft doesn't have to disapear, the just need to loose their monopoly.
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    I don't think UNIX is going to die, at least so soon. In the company where I work we only have 1 UNIX server and its just for the old apps that are about to be terminated.
    We now have windows 2000 with very buggy apps.

    I agree with el-half, a more userfriendly nix distro would improve the use of nix systems to ordinary users and take a few of the MS users.

    *off-topic* What's your opinion on lindows? I still have to try it, but isn't it a mix of Linux and Windows? or thats all publicity about it? I heard a lot about it when it came out, but then, nothing....

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