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Thread: InternetExplorer6-wont let me out?

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    InternetExplorer6-wont let me out?

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    ??????? What are you talking about. Don't post meaningless
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    cybersiouxxx I know you might think we can read minds and all kind of magic stuff..

    but a little more info could never hurt..

    - Windows Version
    - Won't let you out of what
    - Etc..

    I do remember hearing something about people being abducted by internet explorer and forced to watch porn 24/7..
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    Could you be a bit more specific ?
    Can you not connect to any sites on the internet ?
    Did you check your IP configuration ? (ipconfig /all from the command line)
    Are you in a network ? Firewalled ?
    Do you get error messages ?
    Can you ping sites ?

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    There are a few things to check when this happens.
    First check inside
    Tools>Internet Options>Connections tab>LAN Settings and check to see if you are setup to use a proxy, uncheck the box if checked (or check it and configure the correct proxy server if you use one.)

    Next, if you are using any type of firewall or internet security program you may need to configure it to allow you out. Consult the help files or manual for this if you cannot figure it out.

    Another thing to check is if you are setup for a static or dynamic IP. You may need to perform a '/release' '/renew' to obtain a new fresh IP.

    These are just a few suggestions to try if you have not already. Hope this helps!

    How did you post this message if you cant get IE to work?
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    But wait... SuperNau+ you can read minds. cybersiouxxx was right, people do read minds here. awww... maybe not.

    On a serious note, cybersiouxxx what exactly are u referring too. I figure you must have pressed submit post by mistake or you having some network problems.

    Give us a little info at least and maybe we will be able to help.
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    could be frozen? is it chromeless(ie no menu, bars, etc)?

    there have been a few posts on bugtraq about chromeless IE windows and some of the tricks malicious web-masters use them for...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Originally posted here by the_JinX

    I do remember hearing something about people being abducted by internet explorer and forced to watch porn 24/7..
    And what is wrong with that?

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