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Thread: Hackers exploit lax home worker security

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    Hackers exploit lax home worker security

    Hackers exploit lax home worker security

    for more information please refer to: http://www.vnunet.com/News/1142335
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    This is easy to prevent. Just make them login through an VPN connection and use a Terminal Server, Citrix or a similar product to login on a server. That way the users machine maybe filled to the rim with spyware, trojans and/or virusses but these would all stay outside of your network

    Edit: Unless offcourse if an attacker can remote desktop (ala netbus) the users machine. Hmmm. Need to rethink this.
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    I have been successful *so far... knock on wood* at severely restricting remote access to ONLY those with good common computer sense. And only with laptops provided by my company with Windows 2000 pre-loaded and locked down. It's a constant battle though, when users scream that I am holding back products and profitibily by not being a "team player". It's a rough world out there.

    When they are connected to the network, the good thing is, you can scan them for virusus, with the right software.

    I haven't really considered the terminal server route, because of specific software in use, but I am thinking about it as another option for remote access. Right now I would prefer them to actually log into the domain so I can run all my stuff on their computers.
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    I personally use a NAT router....
    Non Routable IP addresses is a good way
    to handle these "CRACKERS"!

    A Shotgun is another way!

    And even a 3rd way is user education on security!
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    For the best protection maybe we should go back to pens, pencils, paper, and cans & string! LOL!
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    This is why we never allow an unknown systme onto our network...my sugestion if you are going ot allow people to work fom home run a VPN and issue them a laptop that the company secures.
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