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Thread: how to get a job???

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    how to get a job???

    I have recently graduated university in th UK and achieved a degree in computer science. However the degree i achieved was far from what i was hoping. I now have the fun task of finding work. Over the past month i have been looking and have come to the conclusion that experience is everything as far as employers are concerned. I am looking at the web design and development area as i find this interesting and feel it is the strongest part of my experience but am finding it hard to even get an interview.

    The point of this thread is to ask for tips and peoples opinions on what they think helps to get interviews and ultimately jobs. I would hope that if the thread gets some good responses it will not only help me, but others in my situation, hey you never know it may even become a group tutorial on how to get a job

    Do you guys think it is good to send CV's to companies that you like?
    Only companies currently with vacancies advertised?
    Once you have applied is it good to ring every week, or just annoying to the company?
    Is it good to have your CV and previous work on the web?
    How much does experience really matter, or do most companies put two years down but not expect to get someone with that experience?

    or is it best to do a mixture of these things, please any ideas and pointers would be great.


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    The best thing i could suggest is write or have someone write for you is a resume it lists you work experience, your education, your skills assets,etc this why you can either fax them or email them if you are applying online. If applying in person attach to your app. IMO I think a resume is the best thing to have. Oh one more thing you got to persent your self you got prove to employers you qualify for the job.
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    Well first for experince take a crap job somewhere there are always comapanies that have jobs but not the one you really want take a crap job, somewhere for about a year and the experience should at least get you an interview somewhere. Then at the sametime if you do well at that company they might just want you to stay on in another position.


    Oh yeah experience is what you make of it start a website, that is experience. Go to a couple job fairs those are real nice.

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    I would only send CV to compaines that are advertiseing jobs, the rest will get filed in the circular bin. Denfinatly call companies, for a web dev position they will get hundreds if not thusands of resumes, make sure your name is on there minds. networking is key, as kyour employed friends if their compaines have any positions (ask their parents also), join as many localized career groups as possable (I got my current position through my wifes Chicago Women in Tech (ChicWit) group.

    It use to be that experience didn't matter...but now with all of the layoffs its easyto find an experiencd programer, so while you look for work get on some open source projects that should help.
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