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    Question Linux Router

    I have a PII 233 and want to load linux and configure it for use as a router.
    Does any have any suggestions on which dist. to use, and a good How To.
    this is my first jump into Linux, so please keep that in mind.


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    Well you can setup something like OpenBSD or FreeBSD. I would advise you to look into smoothwall if you have never used such an OS. It just makes it easier. It has an interface that is pretty self-explanatory. Get it at http://www.smoothwall.org/ . Comes with everything you need to run a router and firewall. You will also need 2 NICs on that box. By the way to install it. Download and burn the ISO aas an image, then have your computer boot from the CD. If it doesn't then you need to go into your BIOS to make sure it is set to boot from CD. You will install it and then go through the setup. Pretty easy. That smoothwall page has a lot of info on this. Good Luck.

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    If you just want a router and nothing else (well, it supports a small number of server apps), then consider Freesco.

    Freesco won't teach you about Linux though, it's mostly menu driven and has a web interface.

    What's also nice is that you can have a single floppy disc to run it off, which makes for a very quiet machine.


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