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Thread: MIRC scripting

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    MIRC scripting

    what is the language mirc scripts are written in? i think it's something close to batch files but not sure. where can i learn how to make them?

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    mIRC scripts are written in their own scripting language. Basically it is quite similar to writing a batch file. I'm sure there are tutorials out there to help you learn, just search for mIRC scripting. When I was first learning to script in mIRC, I looked at other peoples scripts and then the mIRC help file. It has many commands and variables you can use to deal with everything possible, it'll answer all your questions ifyou spend some time looking.
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    mIRC has a tutorial on his site and i believe it also comes with the program.
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    mIRC is written in a mixture of C/C++, in pure win32 code, under Borland C/C++ v5.02. It is also compiled and is run under Visual C++ 6.01 for testing purposes

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