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Thread: IP Masquerading

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    IP Masquerading

    I've been reading about ip masquerading lately.. I plan on setting up a lan soon.. But some security concerns I have , is lets say I want to setup 3 linux boxes. But like i said one security concern that I have is that when i configure ip masquerading do all my ip's on my lan change to the 192.168.*.* addresses that aren't routable through the internet ? I plan on sharing the cable connection for 3 systems. I've googled lots of info about this topic , but im sure someone here can explain this more clearly..
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    IP masquerading, as I understand it, is the way that linux implements NAT(network Address Translation). You use one linux box to establish your internet connection. Then, with a second network card you connect to your lan. All the computers on your lan should be configured to use the first box as their default gateway. On the linux box that connects to both the lan and the internet, you setup routing so that it takes packets from your internal network and routes them on to the internet. It performs the same function as the commen broadband routers(linksys, netgear, D-Link) that are becoming so popular. I hope this helps, I understood your question to be more of a "what is" than a "how to".

    Check this link


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    exactly. id suggest reading this


    and paying special attention to ip forwarding and SNAT postrouting.

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