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Thread: Americas Army Operations bug

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    Angry Americas Army Operations bug

    Hey all of you gamers out there, Last night I was playing AA:O with some friends and I was "PINGED" it wasnt just any ping some one had some how got some files on to my comp and the next day my comp was so slow i could just barly run the damn thing so i had to restore on of my ghost Images of my drive with realy sucked! so becarefull my friends!
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    I haven't heard about it affecting the client computer; however, there is some type of 'admin' bug that allows a player to take on the role of administrator, to put out popups to players screens, to change names, to change weapons, and to kick players. From what I have read they do this by modifiying one of the .u files...I honestly hope they (DEV's of AA : O) weren't foolish enough to handle authentication for things like that on the client side *shudder*


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    EDIT: Apparently the developer's have a work-around until they release PunkBuster, to the effect of scanning the game files for alterations that could result in banning of the offenders...

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